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Manifest Abundance in Your Life

You were born to manifest greatness on earth! While your circumstances may not initially seem to agree with this truth, the truth still remains. ABUNDANT LIFE is FOR YOU!

Welcome to my blog. I was once trapped in an abusive relationship with two infant sons and seemingly no hope. In my darkest hours, I found the real presence and love of God. That loving presence changed my entire existence and gave me hope, the power to change and the ability to not only survive but to thrive! God gave me so many power principles for life, one at a time, that lead to my dramatic and blessed life change. Now, it's been over 20 years of blessed, abundant living. I am a living witness that no matter how bad life is, it can be radically changed by faith and wisdom. It is my joy to share my experiences and lessons with you...


Is abundant life really for me?

No matter where you come from, or what you have been through, you are created to live a life of purpose and abundance!

Created to Reign

"God blessed them and said to them,

“Be fruitful and increase in number;

fill the earth and subdue it"

Abundance is defined as being marked by plenty or being amply supplied. Mankind was created with an assignment... you have a divine birthright for abundant life!

Too Blessed to be Stressed! It's REALLY a thing!

Redeemed to Rule on Earth!

Too often we've been taught that Bible truth is for church and the churchy, however there is so much more to the story! You've been redeemed to rule on earth! Learning how to walk that out is key. THAT is my mission and mandate: to inspire, educate and empower ordinary people to live extraordinary lives!

Get Inspired

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