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Meet Dr Samantha

Started off broken, ended up blessed, TV & radio host, best selling author, wife, mom, and inspirational speaker

Overcoming a troubled childhood and an abusive past by finding faith and hope in God, Dr. Samantha went from a broken life to a blessed life. Now she lives committed to inspiring and empowering women and men from all walks of life to experience “good success.” 


Dr. Samantha Phillips has been described as one of the most prolific speakers in the nation. From audiences of millions on television shows, thousands in large conferences, to small groups and one-on-one coaching, Dr. Samantha has inspired thousands of people to experience extraordinary success in life, business and relationships. Her passion is to see people discover and tap into their purpose, greatness and ultimate success. 


For over 12 years, Dr. Samantha hosted the "Experience the Life" Television Show as well as the "Dr. Samantha" Radio show. Her story and message have been featured in international magazine publications around the world, she’s authored multiple inspirational books and has spoken to audiences worldwide.


By discovering her faith in God, she was able to overcome what seemed like insurmountable odds to live a life of victory, love, prosperity, and joy.  Just as she is committed to helping others experience greater success in life, Dr. Samantha can help you break through limitations and challenges to experience a quality blessed life of your own! 

God loves you too much to leave you the same...

Dr Samantha Phillips

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