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Dr Samantha Phillips has been described as one of the most prolific speakers in the nation. From audiences of millions on national television shows, thousands in large conferences, to small groups and even one on one success coaching, Dr Samantha has inspired thousands of people to experience extraordinary success in life, business and relationships. Her passion is to see people discover and tap into their purpose and personal greatness. 


Samantha Mary Phillips, affectionally known as Dr Samantha, is a nationally renowned motivational and inspirational speaker, self help author, success coach, media personality and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Kingdom Life International which hosts faith based success conferences nationwide. Dr Samantha is also a recognized national business leader in the direct sales industry. Once leading a sales team of over 18,000 direct distributors, she has traveled the nation to help inspire and train business teams for multiple companies where she has coached many to financial freedom and business success.    


Her corporate background includes human resources and marketing for major Fortune 500 companies, being the Chief Operations Officer with a nonprofit organization for fifteen years, as well as executive organizational consulting.  Dr Samantha has regularly partnered with and assisted high profile leaders in various industries to include Dr Myles Munroe, Life Coach to the Stars Tim Storey and many others. 




Dr Samantha proudly served her nation as an active duty member of the United States Air Force. She is a graduate of the prestigious Air Force Leadership Training Program and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership from Florida Christian College now known as Johnson University. Additionally, in recognition of years of faithful service and accomplishment in faith based work, she was honored with a Doctorate of Divinity degree from St Thomas Theological Seminary.




Dr Samantha is the wife of Dr Michael A. Phillips.  She, her husband and their four younger children currently reside together in Southern California.  The couple also have two adult children, one serving in the United States Air Force and another is an accomplished athlete, currently a NCAA college football player in New York state.  They are the proud parents of a soldier, a champion, an accomplished musician/producer, an academy cadet and twin actresses. Dr Samantha and her husband Dr Michael beleive in raising the next generation to establish God's Kingdom and tap into their individual greatness.  


Dr Samantha is of unique mixed heritage, of Japanese and Caucasian decent, growing up in the African American culture.  She was born into a military family, born in Central Michigan and then moving and spending the majority of her childhood and teen years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her father died when she was just nine months old, leaving her Japanese mother to raise her alone in the United States with little resource and support.  Very early in her young adult life, the difficulties of her upbringing lead her to make a series of bad choices that landed her in abusive relationships and dire straights.  It was in this difficult time however, that Samantha found her faith and path to her purpose in life. 




As a result of her miraculous turn around, her life’s passion is to inspire people to escape cycles of defeat, poverty and abuse to live abundant lives. This experience inspired her first book, Cast Down But Not Destroyed: One Women’s Story of Overcoming Adversity.  Having inspired thousands of people around the world to overcome negative circumstances in their own lives, Cast Down But Not Destroyed was deemed as one of the “best books ever written on the topic” of breaking cycles of abuse and personal defeat by international leader and best selling author, Dr Myles Munroe who also volunteered his insight as a forward to the book.  Cast Down But Not Destroyed is offered in all major bookstore venues including Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and Apple iBookstore. She also recently completed her second book, The Extreme Life: Keys to Living Life Beyond the Norm which is now available at all major book venues.   




Dr Samantha cohosted an inspirational television show with her husband for many years reaching millions of viewers nationwide.  She has also been a featured guest speaker and guest host for other talk shows on multiple occasions.  She’s been featured in multiple television projects and is familiar with on camera work and media events.  Lightheartedly labeled the “one take wonder” Dr Samantha is the consummate professional on set.  Her media background also includes hosting her own radio program for many years where she shared life success principles and points of inspiration for millions of listeners.  



HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA


HERITAGE: Okinawan/Japanese American

UNIVERSITIES: St Thomas Theological Seminary, Johnson University, Community College of the Air Force, Air Force Leadership Academy

DEGREES: D. Div-Hon, Bachelor of Science in Leadership  




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